Stacia Hanson MA LP 
                      Private Practice Licensed Psychologist 

Counseling and Psychotherapy Services

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As a psychotherapist I work with adults providing therapy for a variety of issues and concerns. My approach to counseling is integrative and often includes paying attention to the affective, cognitive, physiological levels of functioning as well as at times the spiritual. 

strive to provide a strength based therapeutic approach, working to boost emotional resilience, while working though your specific issues and concerns. I can assist in clarifying your current problems, work to change self-defeating beliefs and behaviors, and assist you in creating momentum towards positive authentic change and healing. 

Therapy is unique for each client and it will depend on your needs, values, and goals.  You can learn more about the specific treatment modalities that I frequently use on the Services page.  I would be happy to assist you in working through and moving beyond problems or symptoms that are interfering with your daily life. 

If you are interested in hearing more about services, have any questions, or are interested in scheduling, feel free to call my office at 952-921-3266.  If you prefer, you can submit an Online Contact Form to request an appointment  and I will get back to you shortly.  

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