Stacia Hanson MA LP 
                      Private Practice Licensed Psychologist 

Counseling and Psychotherapy Services

What is EMDR?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) is a powerful psychotherapy approach that has helped over an estimated two million people of all ages relieve many types of psychological distress.

EMDR can be thought of as a physiologically based therapy that helps a person see disturbing material in a new and less distressing way. It incorporates mind and body healing and resiliency.

What conditions have shown improvement with EMDR Therapy? 


 Panic Attacks                           Complicated Grief                       Disturbing Memories

  Phobias                              Eating Disorders/Addictions            Performance Anxiety 

Stress Reduction                    Obsession/Compulsion                    Abuse/Trauma 

 Pain Disorders                       Performance Anxiety                      Peak Performance                   

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is an integrative psychotherapy approach that has been extensively researched and proven effective for the treatment of trauma. EMDR therapy includes a set of standardized protocols that incorporates elements from many different treatment approaches. To date, EMDR has helped millions of people of all ages relieve many types of psychological stress.

Insurance will cover treatment using EMDR therapy for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

What is next?

One or more sessions are required for me to understand the nature of the problem and to decide whether EMDR therapy is an appropriate treatment. I will also discuss EMDR therapy more fully and provide an opportunity to answer questions about treatment. Once we have agreed that EMDR is appropriate for a specific problem, the actual EMDR therapy may begin.

A typical EMDR therapy session lasts 60-90 minutes. The type of problem, life circumstances, and the amount of previous trauma will determine how many treatment sessions are necessary. EMDR may be used within a standard "talking" therapy, as an adjunctive therapy with me, or as a treatment all by itself.